Latvia is one of Northern Europe's most exciting places  hidden away from the world's view for over half a century by the Soviet occupation. Prior to the occupation, Latvia was one of the most dynamic parts of Europe with exciting possibilities. After the collapse of the Soviet system, Latvia is struggling to regain its strength and place in the world.

There is a lot to do and see in Latvia from the untouched nature to the historic buildings dating back to the days of the great trading in the Hanseatic League. You can also see elements of the Soviet leftovers -  this makes you step back and wonder what could have been without those awful years!

Come and experience for yourself this very special country and the possibilities of its exciting future. Granted, after the economic collapse of 2009 it is not as bright as it should be. But, we still hold out hope that the leadership will finally come to their senses and take serious action to simplify the government and start treating the Latvian people with the respect that they deserve. 

Outside of Riga, be prepared to step back into history as the infrastructure in most parts is not yet developed as that in Riga. Be patient and understanding and you will have a remarkable experience.   more

Watch this wonderful video of Greater Riga
including Sigulda, Jurmala and Rundale
  visit Latvia
  ...enjoy the experience ! 
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